09/13 Hopewell Church

10/04 The Church of Eleven22

11/01 Southpoint Community Church

02/07 The Potters House

03/06 Location TBD

04/03 Location TBD

05/01 Celebration Arena

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YouthQuake Live



09/13 Hopewell Church

10/04 The Church of Eleven22

11/01   Southpoint Community Church

02/07 The Potters House

03/06 Location TBD

04/03 Location TBD

05/01 Celebration Arena

Reaching a generation


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Age Doesn’t Stop Me…
It Just Gives Me More Time








United Tour

There is nothing more exciting than seeing young people using their God given talents to reach their generation. Be sure to come to one of our upcoming live events featuring hilarious skits, live music, dance & a life-changing message.

Sep 13

Hopewell Church 

8pm – 10pm
1351 Roberts Road
St Johns, FL 32229 

Oct 4

The Church of Eleven22 (Arlington Campus)

8pm – 10pm
651 Commerce Center Dr #100, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Nov 1

Southpoint Community Church

8pm – 10pm
7556 Salisbury Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Feb 7

The Potters House

8pm – 10pm
5310 Lenox Ave Jacksonville
FL 32205

Mar 6

Location TBD

8pm – 10pm

Apr 3

Location TBD

8pm – 10pm

May 1

Celebration Church 

8pm – 10pm
9555 R G Skinner Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256


Preview Event

YouthQuake Live is created by teens to reach teens because we believe that God wants to use teens while they are young

Want to Get Involved?


join the cast

Are you a teenagers willing to take a stand for your faith and impact your generation?


Each year, students join together to impact their generation. Online Applications to join the cast for the following school year are available March 1st – May 15th online & at the live shows.  Those who apply will attend auditions in May & cast retreat in late early August.  Weekly practices starting in August are on Sundays 2-4pm at Redeemer Church in Ponte Vedra on 3-4 Sundays a month.  In addition, there is a monthly Thursday dress rehearsal and Friday Live show for our 7 events.   

Cast members are held to a high standard of godliness as they serve as examples to other youth in the community. Cast members must be an active part of their own church & youth group.  The age requirement to join is 8th – 12th grade AND at least 13 years. We invite those who have graduated to consider our Internship.  As this is a one-year commitment, cast members will need to consider seriously their other time commitments due to the pivotal role each cast member plays. Your attendance at each practice & event is expected. 


Are you a young adult who is ready to grow in your leadership and make an impact in this world?


Our internship program is designed to be one of the most exciting, intense and unique ministry environments in the country. We’re searching for up to 20 of the most passionate and gifted people (ages 18-25) to join our YouthQuake Live team.

If you’re interested in being a part of an incredible move of God, if you want to see Him use you in ways you never imagined, serving here is one of the highest privileges you’ll ever experience.

When most people think of an internship, they have visions of busy work: fetching coffee, picking up dry cleaning, making copies. But at YouthQuake Live, we’re looking for contributing members for our team. After all, we are a ministry that aims to “over-believe” in young leaders.

We want to raise up a generation of world changers and leaders: people who are awakened to their God-given potential to make an impact for God’s glory, using whatever gifts He has placed within them.

If you’re into producing videos, we want to teach you what it looks like to make the best videos for God’s glory. Do you have a passion for worship? We want to put you in a position of influence to speak into a young generation of worship leaders. If you’re gifted in administration, we need your help to manage the details that make our processes flow. Maybe you’re great with skits – we have over one hundred students in our cast, and they need strong leadership.

Fill out an online application by clicking here

**If you are applying to be an intern through UNF’s Communications department, you do not need to fill out this application. Please email [email protected]

youth leaders

Youth Leaders are our heroes.  Our heart is to serve you and help you as you impact lives on the front line each and every day.  


Thank You

First of all, if you are a Youth Leader in our city: THANK YOU!  We hope that YQL would be a blessing to you and your ministry to young people.

YouthQuake Live is designed to challenge young people to live their lives in a bold, Christ-honoring way and inspire them to reach their friends, families, schools, and world for Christ. We only see the students once a month; however, you’re in the trenches with them week after week. It’s our desire to partner with you to see them fulfill their God-given destinies. This site contains tools to help in that mission.

YouthQuake allows you to bring your teens and their friends to a free event where you don’t have to do much planning. We encourage you to use it as an outreach, where your group can invite their friends to something relevant, fun, and life-changing. Many youth leaders will then create some discussion questions to spark conversation about the topic for the following week at youth group.

For more information or to get connected, email our Ministry Director Ben Wendzel at [email protected].   Ben would love to meet you at any of our live events.  Join us in our break out room (look for signs in the lobby) any time from 7:30pm8:00pm to say hi and grab a free snack.



We recommend that every Youth Pastor read Ron Luce’s Battle Cry for a Generation and follow it up with Revolution YM. These two resources will help you develop a plan to reach teens in your community and receive the support and assistance of parents, adults, and your lead pastor.

Murray Hill Theatre – Local Venue for Christian

Okoa Refuge – An organization in Uganda started by a former YQL cast member.  Youth groups go on mission trips to Okoa to work w/ orphans, do personal evangelism & help w/ health clinics & more.

Kim’s Open Door – local organization where youth groups and families can be a part of outreaches to refugee and at risk children

Youth with a Mission Jacksonville (YWAM Jax) – local organization with a discipleship training school for high school graduates and overseas mission opportunities.

Ascension Worship – local organization that helps to resource the local church through connecting musicians to churches.

The Source for Youth Ministry– Various Resources

Youth Specialties– Various Resources 

Dare 2 Share– Evangelism Resources

Set Apart Girl – (for working with young women) 

Youth Statistics – Florida specific stats on risk behaviors of youth – this is a great resource for helping other see the need to invest into youth ministry.

What can you expect at YQL?

Before YQL:

•    Make sure your church is signed up for our monthly newsletter, so you will get updates on venues and dates.

•    Put our show dates and times on your calendar to update your students and their parents.

•    Use our FB event page to invite students.

•    Encourage students to invite their friends.     

•    Decide what time your students will need to be dropped off at your church and if they need to bring any money. (if you are stopping before or after for snacks)

•    Secure drivers and adult leaders depending on your group size.

•    If you want to ensure seats together towards the front, reserved seats are $3 per person at our website (deadline is the Tuesday before the show).


During YQL:

•7 pm: Lobby doors open – visit our vendors & buy some YQL merch

•7:30 pm: Sanctuary Doors Open

•8 pm: Main event begins

•You and approximately 1,000 teens enjoy the night and marvel at what God can do through teenagers

•Offering – YouthQuake Live is free of charge, but we encourage you to remind your students to bring an offering – even $1 makes a big difference when everyone gives. YQL is funded through these offerings and churches who believe in our vision.

•Message – at most events either Sean Yost, our Founder, Blake Bennett or Gabe Yost will give the message that ties together the skits from the night. 

•Altar call – After each show’s message, the speaker gives an altar call to everyone in the audience. During this time, students can respond and/or commit their lives to Jesus. They then come back-stage where our students can pray for them individually and fill out a commitment card. This allows us to update you on the decision the student made so you can begin the discipleship process with them. Because the show usually ends by 10 pm, students who participated in the altar call may be a couple of minutes later than when the show ends. When they are done, the students will return to the main auditorium, so you can wait for them there. Please note Youth Leaders are always welcome to come to the altar call room with students, just let one of our leaders know you are there to pray with your kids.


•10 pm: Show ends (10:15pm to be safe incase your students are getting prayer backstage or want to visit our vendors in the lobby.



After YQL:

As you go home, we encourage you and your adult leaders at your prompting to get students talking about what God taught them or did in their lives.


•    “What was your favorite part of the Night?” – If they give only funny answers do two rounds of this question – “What was your favorite funny moment of the night?”, “what was your favorite deep moment of the night?” – Don’t let them give short answers, ask them why that was their favorite part. 

•    “What did God show you about yourself tonight, is there something you know you need to do differently or commit to?”

•    “How do you want to be accountable to what you heard tonight?”

•    “How can we make this practical in our lives and youth group?”

If a student asks to join the cast:

Please let them know that applications are available on our website each year from March 1st – May 7th for the following season. Students who commit to be a part of YQL are required to attend their local church and youth group so please know that our heart is they become more committed to what the local church is doing through their involvement with us. 

Stay in Touch

If you have any testimonies or want to comment on your experience, please email us after the show at [email protected] We would love to know how we can better serve you and your students.

student resources

We know that being a teenager and taking a stand for your faith can be tough in today’s culture.  Here’s some stuff that can help.


Our desire is to provide you with resources that will help you stand strong against the world and fulfill the destiny God has for you.  Below aresome resources that will help you take your next steps in furthering your relationship with Jesus.


Grow Your Faith

Are you looking for answers? Here you will find direction and encouragement no matter where you are in your journey w/ God. http://billygraham.org/grow-your-faith


Discovering Christianity

A site by Hillsong Church in Australia that completely dedicated to new believers and their search for answers. It is a six-session course that equips believers with the basic knowledge of Christianity and how to put faith into action.  http://discoveringchristianity.org



This is an app so you can read the bible on the go.  It includes options to have the bible read to you, taking notes, and connecting w/ others.  If you have never read the bible before we recommend starting with the gospel of John:  https://www.bible.com/bible/111/JHN.1.niv

For those wanting to go deeper here is a great free study tool: http://www.biblex.com


I am Second

This site shows numerous testimonies from all different backgrounds. It’s helpful for new believers to understand the significance of their story and to remember they belong to something bigger than themselves: the body of Christ. You can also click on the word “struggles” and be directed to testimonies that are relevant for every believer. http://www.iamsecond.com



Battle Cry for My Generation by Ron Luce 

Jesus Freaks by DC Talk 

Case for Christ, Student Edition by Lee Strobel 

Recreate Your World by Ron Luce 

Do Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harris 



God Tube 

Air 1

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Young Life

The Rebelution


Devos & More

TMMD – Teen Devotional 

One Year Bible

Ignite Your Faith

Brio Magazine for girls 

Christian Movie Reviews

Trinity Baptist College – Youth Quake Live Cast Scholarship

This is a $6,000 scholarship commitment over the course of 4 years of continuous enrollment at Trinity Baptist College.
-Student must have 3.0+ cumulative GPA in high school
-Student must have completed at least 1 year in good standing as a cast member of Youth Quake Live
For more information, please contact our Admissions Office at my.tbc.edu/YQLcast or at 904-596-2451.

Trinity Baptist College – Florida Bright Futures Match

Trinity Baptist College recognizes and accepts the Florida Bright Futures scholarship.
Further, TBC’s Florida Bright Futures Match scholarship will match a qualifying student’s benefits dollar for dollar. For more information, please contact our Admissions Office at my.tbc.edu or at 904-596-2451.

Trinity Baptist College – Institutional Scholarship

For students who attend Youth Quake Live events but who are not cast members, scholarships are available to those who qualify based upon academics, merit, community service, and church participation. For more information, please contact our Admissions Office at my.tbc.edu/YQL or at 904-596-2451.

YQL Global

Although most people only see YQL as a local outreach, each year we participate in various global initiatives. It is our heart to help young people see the part they have to play in the great commission.


Annual Missions Show – Each year we center one show on teaching the audience about the Great Commission and the role they should play in fulfilling it. In recent years, we have had up to 280 commitments at a single show to go on a short-term trip with either their own youth groups or with Global Expeditions. We also put missions trip information in the hands of all audience members so that the ones that can’t commit right then still have the information and can pray about going in the future.  We promote short-term trips at a mission’s booth in partnership with Global Expeditions at four shows each year.  We want to make sure that students who may miss our annual missions show still have the opportunity to get onto the field as a young person.

YQL Mission Trips – Most years we take a group on an out of the country missions trip.  In the past, we have traveled to Mexico, Panama, Uganda & China & Peru.   Our heart is to provide this “gateway” missions experience to as many students as possible while giving our own leaders invaluable leadership training in the hopes we will spark a desire for students to go further and one-day return to these nations as full-time missionaries.  

Missions Scholarships – Each year we give a scholarship towards our cast members or young adult leaders for short term mission trips.  Here are some stories from past Missions Scholarship recipients:

Hannah – Panama is a beautiful place, it’s very much like Florida when it comes to the weather. It has beautiful buildings and plant life. Sadly most of the families don’t allow Christianity or any religion in their homes. One of the girls I prayed for wanted a New Testament bible but was unsure because her father always got rid of the ones she got. The missionary we were working with had a devotional that we gave her that she could keep in her binder so we gave her that. We visited schools most of the days we were there and we saw a lot of kids hunger for God, even the younger ones, luckily we were able to bring them to Jesus. We gave them our testimonies and did skits, and it touched a lot of the kids. Whenever we did altar call 9 out of 10 of the large groups came up. Panama is an amazing place that hungers for God but doesn’t have the courage to step up. My youth group is returning this summer for another missions trip hopefully it will be just as fulfilling as the last time.

Kelsey – Last summer I spent two weeks in Haiti. I stayed at Christian Light School teaching first grade. I thought it would be an easy trip, staying at the school most of the time. But God had other plans. Sometimes we would walk our students home and the conditions they lived in broke my heart. Many students came to school with sores and infections. Parents would bring young children to the gates of the school seeking medical help. There were over 30 kids living at the school, and at first, I assumed they were all orphans. I later found out that almost all of them were poverty orphans. They had living parents, but they simply couldn’t take care of them. Parents were forced to give them up. Christian Light School and the missionaries there are doing amazing things for Christ. Their goal is to raise up Christian leaders that will change their country. But there is still so much to do. Please keep them all in your prayers!

Partnership w/ Okoa Refuge – Okoa Refuge, which was started by a former YQL cast member, is an orphanage in Uganda whose mission is to rescue children in that region of Africa.  Every month, Okoa sets up a table at a show to highlight their ministry and expose students to the realities of injustice and poverty in the world.  For more information on Okoa visit www.okoarefuge.com.

YQL Global Trips  

2011 – China – members of the YQL staff traveled to China to train a local church on how to have their own version of YQL and they have been having yearly events ever since. This year YQL China had its 4th YQL event.  This particular church works with college students from all over the world who will someday go back to their nations with what they were taught.  We hope to be able to do more trips like this in the future and be able to equip young people around the world to reach their own generation for Christ.

2015 & 2016 – Mexico – During these two summers we brought teams to work w/ Baja Christian Ministries.  The team was able to build a house during their week, lead vacation bible schools for local kids and visit families house to house leading many to the Lord.

2016 – Uganda – This was a special trip as we were able to work w/ Okoa Refuge which was started by one of our former cast members.  While there the team was able to put on Medical Clinics where over 1000 were given medical treatment – while they were waiting teams would pray w/ them and explain the gospel.  We were also able to spend time at Okoa’s Orphanage loving on the kids and teaching the older ones how to do a drama they would be able to use on their own outreaches.  We were also able to help a family by finishing their mud house w/ them.

2017 – Peru – While in Peru we were able to work alongside of a missionary who had been on one of our staffs mission teams to Romania when he was a teenager himself.  While there God moved in some incredible ways as we got to be a part of teaching English classes for kids and adults, putting on a two-day vacation bible school, holding a bible study for flood victims, doing presentations at an inter-city school, holding the first ever youth night in that community and going house to house to minister to and pray for families.

To donate directly to our missions initiatives please type “Global” in the “additional information” section.  Click here to give. 

Partner with YQL


God has given us a big vision to inspire teens to make an impact while they are young and live out 1 Tim 4:12 which says… Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. By partnering with us you can help our teens reach their generation.

 Today’s teens are being attacked by popular culture like no other generation. Hollywood, the music industry, advertisers, and the mainstream media are winning the battle for the hearts of this generation. Statistics reveal that by the time this generation reaches the age of influence, only 4 % will be Bible-believing Christians. Apathy is not an option. This generation is barreling forward, dismissing truth, consequence, and purpose. We must do something to reach them before it is too late.


Contact Us


PO Box 2384, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004