Youth Leader Connect

First of all, if you are a Youth Leader in our city: THANK YOU!  Please know we are praying for you as you are on the front lines of serving this generation.  We hope that YQL would be a blessing to you and your ministry to young people.

YouthQuake Live is designed to challenge young people to live their lives in a bold, Christ-honoring way and inspire them to reach their friends, families, schools, and world for Christ. We only see the students once a month; however, you’re in the trenches with them week after week. It’s our desire to partner with you to see them fulfill their God-given destinies. This site contains tools to help in that mission.

YouthQuake allows you to bring your teens and their friends to a free event where you don’t have to do much planning. We encourage you to use it as an outreach, where your group can invite their friends to something relevant, fun, and life-changing. Many youth leaders will then create some discussion questions to spark conversation about the topic for the following week at youth group.

For more information or to get connected, email our our Ministry Director Ben Wendzel at [email protected].   Ben would love to meet you at any of our live events.  Join us in our break out room (look for signs in the lobby) any time from 7:30pm8:00pm to say hi and grab a free snack.

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Youth Leaders

What to Expect

Before YQL

•    Make sure your church is signed up for our monthly newsletter, so you will get updates on venues and dates.

•    Put our show dates and times on your calendar to update your students and their parents.

•    Use our FB event page to invite students.

•    Encourage students to invite their friends.     

•    Decide what time your students will need to be dropped off at your church and if they need to bring any money. (if you are stopping before or after for snacks)

•    Secure drivers and adult leaders depending on your group size.

•    If you want to ensure seats together towards the front, reserved seats are $3 per person at our website (deadline is the Tuesday before the show).


During YQL

•7 pm: Lobby doors open – visit our vendors & buy some YQL merch

•7:30 pm: Sanctuary Doors Open

•8 pm: Main event begins

•You and approximately 1,000 teens enjoy the night and marvel at what God can do through teenagers

•Offering – YQL is free of charge, but we encourage you to remind your students to bring an offering – even $1 makes a big difference when everyone gives. YQL is funded through these offerings and churches who believe in our vision.

•Message – at most events either Sean Yost, our Founder, Blake Bennett or Gabe Yost will give the message that ties together the skits from the night. 

•Altar call – After each show’s message, the speaker gives an altar call to everyone in the audience. During this time, students can respond and/or commit their lives to Jesus. They then come back-stage where our students can pray for them individually and fill out a commitment card. This allows us to update you on the decision the student made so you can begin the discipleship process with them. Because the show usually ends by 10 pm, students who participated in the altar call may be a couple of minutes later than when the show ends. When they are done, the students will return to the main auditorium, so you can wait for them there. Please note Youth Leaders are always welcome to come to the altar call room with students, just let one of our leaders know you are there to pray with your kids.


•10 pm: Show ends (we always encourage you to plan on leaving closer to 10:15pm incase one of your students is in altar room or your students want to visit any of the vendors in the lobby.  


After YQL

As you go home, we encourage you and your adult leaders at your prompting to get students talking about what God taught them or did in their lives.


•    “What was your favorite part of the Night?” – If they give only funny answers do two rounds of this question – “What was your favorite funny moment of the night?”, “what was your favorite deep moment of the night?” – Don’t let them give short answers, ask them why that was their favorite part. 

•    “What did God show you about yourself tonight, is there something you know you need to do differently or commit to?”

•    “How do you want to be accountable to what you heard tonight?”

•    “How can we make this practical in our lives and youth group?”

If a student talks to you about wanting  to join the cast please let them know that applications are available on our website each year from March 1st – May 7th for the following season. Students who commit to be a part of YQL are required to attend their local church and youth group so please know that our heart is they become more committed to what the local church is doing through their involvement with us. 

A message from Our Founder & Other YL’s