From Jacksonville to the World

Although most people only see YQL as a local outreach, each year we participate in various global initiatives. It is our heart to help young people see the part they have to play in the great commission.

Annual Missions Show – Each year we center one show on teaching the audience about the Great Commission and the role they should play in fulfilling it. In recent years, we have had up to 280 commitments at a single show to go on a short-term trip with either their own youth groups or with Global Expeditions. We also put missions trip information in the hands of all audience members so that the ones that can’t commit right then still have the information and can pray about going in the future.  We promote short-term trips at a mission’s booth in partnership with Global Expeditions at four shows each year.  We want to make sure that students who may miss our annual missions show still have the opportunity to get onto the field as a young person.

YQL Mission Trips – Most years we take a group on an out of the country missions trip.  In the past we have traveled to Mexico, Panama, Uganda & China & Peru.   Our heart is to provide this “gateway” missions experience to as many students as possible while giving our own leaders invaluable leadership training in the hopes we will spark a desire for students to go further and one-day return to these nations as full time missionaries.

Missions Scholarships – Each year we give a minimum of $1,000 towards our cast members & young adult leaders for short term mission trips.  Here are some stories from past Missions Scholarship recipients:

Hannah – Panama is a beautiful place, it’s very much like Florida when it comes to the weather. It has beautiful buildings and plant life. Sadly most of the families don’t allow Christianity or any religion in their homes. One of the girls I prayed for wanted a New Testament bible but was unsure because her father always got rid of the ones she got. The missionary we were working with had a devotional that we gave her that she could keep in her binder so we gave her that. We visited schools most of the days we were there and we saw a lot of kids hunger for God, even the younger ones, luckily we were able to bring them to Jesus. We gave them our testimonies and did skits, and it touched a lot of the kids. Whenever we did altar call 9 out of 10 of the large groups came up. Panama is an amazing place that hungers for God but doesn’t have the courage to step up. My youth group is returning this summer for another missions trip hopefully it will be just as fulfilling as the last time.

Kelsey – Last summer I spent two weeks in Haiti. I stayed at Christian Light School teaching first grade. I thought it would be an easy trip, staying at the school most of the time. But God had other plans. Sometimes we would walk our students home and the conditions they lived in broke my heart. Many students came to school with sores and infections. Parents would bring young children to the gates of the school seeking medical help. There were over 30 kids living at the school, and at first I assumed they were all orphans. I later found out that almost all of them were poverty orphans. They had living parents, but they simply couldn’t take care of them. Parents were forced to give them up. Christian Light School and the missionaries there are doing amazing things for Christ. Their goal is to raise up Christian leaders that will change their country. But there is still so much to do. Please keep them all in your prayers!

Partnership w/ Okoa Refuge – Okoa Refuge, which was started by a former YQL cast member, is an orphanage in Uganda whose mission is to rescue children in that region of Africa.  Every month, Okoa sets up a table at a show to highlight their ministry and expose students to the realities of injustice and poverty in the world.

YQL Global Trips  

2011 – China – members of the YQL staff travelled to China to train a local church on how to have their own version of YQL and they have been having yearly events ever since. This year YQL China had their 4th YQL event.  This particular church works with college students from all over the world who will someday go back to their nations with what they were taught.  We hope to be able to do more trips like this in the future and be able to equip young people around the world to reach their own generation for Christ.

2015 & 2016 – Mexico – During these two summers we brought teams to work w/ Baja Christian Ministries.  The team was able to build a house during their week, lead vacation bible schools for local kids and visit families house to house leading many to the Lord.

2016 – Uganda – This was a special trip as we were able to work w/ Okoa Refuge which was started by one of our former cast members.  While there the team was able to put on Medical Clinics where over 1000 were given medical treatment – while they were waiting teams would pray w/ them and explain the gospel.  We were also able to spend time at Okoa’s Orphanage loving on the kids and teaching the older ones how to do a drama they would be able to use on their own outreaches.  We were also able to help a family by finishing their mud house w/ them.

2017 – Peru – While in Peru we were able to work alongside of a missionary who had been on one of our staffs mission teams to Romania when he was a teenager himself.  While there God moved in some incredible ways as we got to be a part of teaching English classes for kids and adults, putting on a two-day vacation bible school, holding a bible study for flood victims, doing presentations at an inter-city school, holding the first ever youth night in that community and going house to house to minister to and pray for families.

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