Month after month we are amazed as we hear stories of teens who came to the event and encountered the power of God leading them to a decision that night or weeks and even years later.  We also know that God has planted seeds in the lives of thousands, many whose stories we will never know.  Throughout the years, we have been able to record over 18,000 decisions, which include first-time commitments to Christ, decisions to go on mission trips, recommitments in their walk with God, and commitments to a lifestyle of purity.  God has truly done more than we could have ever asked or imagined.


Read the story of how it all began:

In 1994, a group of students from Christ the Redeemer Church went on mission trips to Ecuador & El Salvador with the missions organization Global Expeditions.  That summer, they saw the power of God unfold through their lives as they saw first hand that God desired to use young people to impact the world.   

When they returned to Jacksonville, they realized that God could use them in their own city. They were equipped with vision; however, they understood that passion has to be accompanied with a plan. Sean Yost, their youth pastor, suggested that they start a Bible study, but they wanted more. Much more. In the weeks that followed, God gave Sean the vision and direction, which ultimately led to YouthQuake Live. He desired to create a live event where teens could utilize their talents, gifts, and creativity to forever change the lives of their peers.

Twenty teens with a passion & hope for their generation created the first YQL event, which took place in February 1995.  That first night they peered from behind the curtain  and watched as the seats filled to the brim. Forty teenagers entered into the event with a hunger to know Christ. That night, God confirmed YQL’s mission and purpose. A handful of teens, clip-on lights and lots of duct tape were commissioned for a purpose greater than they could have ever imagined.


Past YouthQuake Live Tours

95-96 1st Season

96-97 YQL Tour

97-98 Revolution Tour

98-99 Unashamed Tour

99-00 Ignition Tour

00-01 Invasion Tour

01-02 Domination Tour

02-03 Momentum Tour

03-04 Invincible Tour

04-05 Defiance Tour

05-06 Savage Tour

06-07 Project 4:31 Tour

07-08 ReAction Tour

08-09 Rooftop Tour

09-10 Demolition

10-11 Resistance Tour

11-12 Unstoppable Tour

12-13 Restoration Tour

13-14 Declaration Tour

14-15 Legacy Tour

15-16 Generation Tour

16-17 Encounter Tour

17-18 Accelerate Tour

18-19 Breakthrough Tour

19-20 United Tour