Youth Crisis & Testimonies

A Generation in Crisis

Today’s teens are being attacked by popular culture like no other generation. Hollywood, the music industry, advertisers, and the mainstream media are winning the battle for the hearts of this generation. Statistics reveal that by the time this generation reaches the age of influence, only 4 % will be Bible-believing Christians. Apathy is not an option. This generation is barreling forward, dismissing truth, consequence, and purpose. We must do something to reach them before it is too late.

  • For more information please read Battle Cry for a Generation by Ron Luce and Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean  


The Stats

There are an estimated 33 million teenagers in the US.

1 in 3 have been drunk in the past month

1 in 4 will use illegal drugs

8000 contract an STD every day

1 million are pregnant

750,000 get abortions each year

1 in 10 have been raped

9 out of 10 have seen porn online

1 of 2 are no longer virgins

40% have inflicted self-injury

1 in 5 have contemplated suicide

Over 1,500 kill themselves each year

53% believe Jesus sinned

83% believe truth is relative

65% say there is no way to tell which religion is true

What part will you play in reaching this generation?



YouthQuake Live has had a significant impact in teens’ lives. Below are some testimonies of the cast, audience, interns, and local pastors in Jacksonville.


Cast Member Testimonies

YouthQuake Live has changed every aspect of my life. I have been a Christian my whole life, but YQL has taken my relationship with God to a whole new level. It has secured my eternal destiny and strengthened my faith. ~ Gabe, 15

YQL has influenced me in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to socialize with my friends and witness to them. I have made lifelong friends because of YouthQuake. It has impacted my life for the better. ~ Leah, 17

To me, YouthQuake Live is an incredible opportunity to witness to my peers in a completely natural and enjoyable way. Normally, having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone is not natural, but YouthQuake provides the opportunity to minister to others and meet them where they are. ~ Emily, 16

I’ve always been the good kid who never said anything wrong; but because of that, I never spoke out about my faith. YouthQuake gave me the courage to speak out about my beliefs and share them with my friends. ~ Adam, 17

YouthQuake Live is a positive influence on my life. It gives me a definite way to share the gospel with my friends by just inviting them to come. My favorite part of YQL is talking to students in the altar call room. I love being part of changing other students’ lives. ~ Kate, 15


Audience Member Testimonies

Before attending YouthQuake, I was unsure about Christ and if He really existed. I didn’t know who I was or why I was created. I had suicidal thoughts because I thought nobody loved me. Hearing my first YQL message changed all that. I just wanted to say thank you because YouthQuake really did change my life. ~ Kelsey

I would just like to say that YouthQuake is AMAZING. I have been having troubles wondering if I’m really appreciated, and one of the YouthQuake shows really impacted me. I even started crying during the show. Thanks for all that YQL does to make shows happen each month! ~Caroline

My friend invited me to a YouthQuake show in 2006. I went because I didn’t like where my life was headed or the choices I was making. I didn’t have a good group of friends but going to the YQL show really opened my eyes. I loved seeing other teens worshiping. I was thirsty for something to change my life, and I found what I was looking for at YouthQuake Live. I gave my life to Christ, and it was the best decision I ever made. ~Mary


Local Pastor Testimonies

When I moved to Jacksonville five years ago to pastor Freedom Christian Fellowship of the Assemblies of God, I immediately began to look for what ministries were in the area touching the lives of teens. I was thrilled when I found out about and experienced the ministry of YouthQuake Live.I have seen lives changed and surrendered to the Kingdom of God because of this ministry. I would encourage every pastor to connect their youth and youth leaders with YQL. Pastor Steve Powers – Freedom Christian Fellowship

YouthQuake Live has provided an incredible presentation that tackles issues relevant to teenagers. In addition to tackling issues, YQL provides great entertainment on a Friday night, giving teens an alternative from clubs and other ungodly environments. We use YouthQuake Live as an outreach for students.You don’t have to plan or prepare anything, and your teens will get an organized, prayed over, exciting night of ministry that will impact their lives.  Pastor Stoval Weems – Celebration Church of Jacksonville

YouthQuake Live is a big vision with which God has blessed our community. Our church and student ministry have exploded with excitement for Jesus because of YouthQuake Live. Students from all walks of life will benefit from the great worship, fun atmosphere, and the power of the Word. It will change your life!  Pastor Tom Bary – Neptune Baptist Church, Jacksonville Beach FL

YouthQuake Live is an exciting and effective ministry that challenges youth in our community. It has provided opportunities for leadership for several of our teens. The presentation that YouthQuake Live ministers is a creative and excellent presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It challenges teenagers by encouraging them to grow in their faith towards a deeper commitment with Jesus Christ.  Pastor Gee Sprague – Crossroad United Methodist Church, Jacksonville FL

YouthQuake Live has become a vital ministry to the transformation of our city. I have watched it grow from a handful of excited teenagers with a vision to impact their generation to a nationally recognized phenomenon. I attend every chance I get. I never tire of seeing so many young lives surrendered at the altar each show. Our whole congregation has been blessed and challenged by our involvement in YQL.  Pastor Daniel Williams – Act 4 the Nations


Intern & Leader Testimonies

I knew YouthQuake Live was something special from the very first time I walked into a show. I wanted to become a cast member as soon as I had the chance. As a cast member, my relationship with God went to the next level. Because of that, I decided to intern the following year. I interned for two years, and during that time, I learned so much about godly leadership and how to mature in my walk with Christ. I was able to apply the skills I learned in YouthQuake to other areas of my life. This experience changed my life forever. ~Briana, 20

Being part of YouthQuake Live has changed my life for the better. Surrounding myself with other teens who have a heart for the Lord and want to spread the great news of Jesus to others is amazing. Being a leader to my group of kids has also helped me come out of my shell even more, and I am already an outgoing person. I have grown in leadership skills and in my faith. I can say with all my heart that I don’t know how I could live confidently and successfully without having YQL in my life.I believe that YQL has taught me to desire more out of my life and ministry. I now know that God has a lot more for my life, if I want it. ~ Ben, 24     


Parent Testimonies

YQL has provided my son with an opportunity to grow in his boldness and confidence before large groups in speaking, acting, and leading. He loves the one-on-one counseling at the end of each YQL show, which gives him the opportunity to talk to other teenagers about Jesus Christ. It has also provided him with a network of godly friends all over the Jacksonville area. Having already surrendered to the ministry, these years in YQL have further prepared him to be the leader God has called him to be. Sean Yost has been an awesome encourager / mentor for him.  Now, our younger son is also a member of the cast.  We have seen a side of him on stage that we didn’t know existed! He loves the Christian environment and talking to other teenagers about Jesus Christ. It’s great to see God develop a heart in my sons for lost teenagers through YQL! ~Cathy  

My son has come out of his shell since he has been a part of YQL. He is more vocal about his faith and has developed friendships that will last forever. I am really proud of what I have seen him do as a part of YQL. Seeing the boldness of the teenagers in the cast, I have been challenged to become more outspoken about my faith and in my prayer life. I consider it a privilege to be able to help out in any way that I can, so these teens can continue to take a stand for God. YQL is a fun, non-threatening way to introduce people to Jesus. It also encourages Christian teens in their walks and to witness to their friends and family. YQL is also a totally free, wholesome event. It’s a great way to spend the night with the family without having to worry about your child seeing or hearing something inappropriate.  ~Nick

We have seen such wonderful things happen in our daughter since her time with YQL. She has matured so much in her relationship with God.  She has been given a spiritual boldness and a fervent desire to share her salvation with others. I have seen her even approach adults with truth and honesty about Christ and how He can be a real presence in their own lives. It touches us so deeply to know she is out there reaching other teens who desperately need truth spoken into their lives. This is truly a God-filled ministry, which I am pleased to say is a part of our family. ~Dawn