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YouthQuake Live is a partnership between the community and teenagers who have the passion to reach youth in their generation. One cannot happen without the other. Our goal is to have hundreds of adults who partner with us month after month, year after year, so that this ministry continues to grow and reach those who need to hear the gospel. Please consider joining with us as we fight the battle to save this generation. If you would like to be a monthly donor please check the box that says “recurring donation.”   All donations in the USA are 100% tax-deductible under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.

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Donate by Mail

Please make your check payable to YouthQuake Live and mail it to:

YouthQuake Live  PO Box 2384  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

Thank You

As a thanks to those who partner with us and as a reminder that we are in a fight to win this generation, Monthly Givers of $84+ (or one-time donations of $1000+) will receive a YQL Sword.  Monthly Givers of $167+ (or one-time donations of $2000+) will receive a YQL Sword & Shield.

More Giving Opportunities

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Corporate Donations & Matching Funds

Many companies match their employee’s donation to registered non-profit organizations. If your employer provides matching donations, please be sure to talk to your HR department on information on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

YouthQuake Live’s purpose is to redirect teenagers into a positive environment where they are trained for leadership, prepared and encouraged to set goals for the future, and equipped to use their skills to reach their peers in a positive way.  By designating your donation to our “general funds”  you will help YouthQuake Live successfully educate local youth on relevant teen issues by providing funds to operate our monthly shows.  General funds help with the following costs, but are not limited to: Insurance,  Liability Insurance,  Licenses & Permits,  Office Supplies,  Postage & Delivery,  Facilities Cost,  Food for our Cast,  Program Supplies,  Audio,  Computers & Media, Lighting & Video.

in-kind donations

By purchasing items on our Wish List, you are helping YouthQuake Live save money and are providing much needed items for daily living. Please email for our most updated list, which includes items like: media equipment, purity pledge cards, cast dinners, drama team props, office supplies, and more.

Leave a legacy

One of the greatest ways you can impact the youth of this generation is to support YouthQuake Live through your planned giving. Each option offers unique benefits to you, the donor. All forms of planned giving assist us in carrying out our mission and reaching the hearts of today’s youth. Planned gifts are so named because such gifts must be carefully planned as part of the donor’s overall financial and estate planning. You may want to consult with a financial advisor or legal counsel when making a planned gift, as YouthQuake Live is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services.

   Some of the ways you can consider giving are: Bequests & Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trust, Life Insurance Policies, Retirement Funds For information and to see the benefits of charitable giving Click Here.

fundraising & advocacy

There are so many ways you can be a part of helping YQL succeed in its mission.  Be a part of changing the course of a teenager’s life.  Contact our Development Director for more info on any of these or other fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising Dinner

Join us each season for our annual fundraising dinner.  You and your guests will hear life-changing testimonies from students, alumni and our Executive Director.  Contact to host a table, sponsor some of our needs for the night or to attend.

Spread the word

The best way to help YQL is to invite people to our live event.  If you would like seats for you and your guest, reach out and we will give you the VIP treatment.  This also gives you the opportunity to come backstage to see our kids in action and to our altar call room at the end of the show where our students pray for those who respond to the message.

Fight to save a generation

Any gift over $1000 at any of our events will receive a sword as a reminder of your commitment to fight for this generation.  We encourage people to display the sword in your office or place in your home where people will ask about it so you have a chance to tell them about YouthQuake Live.

Company & Group LUnches

If you have a business or a group of business owners who are interested in hearing about the vision of YQL, we would love to set up a lunchtime presentation at your locations and discuss the ministry and partner opportunities.

Missions boards & senior pastors

We believe that reaching teenagers is a mission field of its own and depend on local churches to join us in helping these teens reach their own generation. In addition, YQL is involved in a variety of overseas missions activities encouraging teens to be a part of the great commission.  We would love to talk to your missions board and pastors about these initiatives.

Remembering Those Who Changed Their Generation

Raiden Kelly Memorial Scholarship

Raiden Kelly was a YQL cast member who passed away in the Spring of 2016 after being struck by a vehicle while walking to his bus stop the day after his 15th birthday.   Whether it was during skits, backstage, or at practice, Raiden always brought so much fun and laughter everywhere he went & is missed greatly.  Raiden’s family has been a huge part of YQL including his dad who has been our audio director for over 10 years.   This college scholarship will help continue his legacy to inspire other young people to make a difference in their generation.  Click here to give and put “Raiden Scholarship” in the additional information line.

Brant Villeneuve Memorial Scholarship

Brant Villeneuve was a cast member during the early years of YQL who passed away from Leukemia at the young age of 17.  Brant was known for some of the iconic YQL performances of all time including Will & Fred’s Excellent Adventures.  Donations to this scholarship go to helping YQL cast & leaders continue Brant’s legacy by bringing the gospel to the nations of the world in the form of missions scholarships.  Click here to give and put Brant Scholarship in the “Additional Information” line.